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Healthy Snacks
Go NUTS with your snacks!

If your childhood was anything like mine, you can probably still hear the sound of your mother’s voice warning you not to eat in between meals, but actually the word “snack” has earned itself a bad reputation without foundation, snacking isn’t a bad thing, what matters is what and how much you snack on.

Snacking in between meals is the perfect chance to get extra nutrients, eating regularly maintains steady blood sugar levels which can prevent feelings of hunger and cravings and people who eat regularly tend to have a lower calorie intake than those who skip meals.

Unfortunately, I’m not talking about noshing on cookies and cupcakes, try adding some health boosting nuts to your day to reap the nutritional and weight loss rewards.

  • Almonds; rich in antioxidants to fight the signs of aging, serving size 23 nuts
  • Cashews; good source of magnesium to help strengthen bones and teeth, serving size 18 nuts
  • Walnuts; rich in omega 3 to reduce inflammation in the body, serving size 14 halves
  • Pistachios; source of potassium to promote healthy muscles and nervous system, serving size 49 kernels
  • Brazil Nuts; rich in selenium which can relieve the symptoms of arthritis, serving size 5 nuts

Stay tuned for more snacks that pack a nutritional punch!

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