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Organic Farm Cabbage
Visit to a local farm in Soufrière

We recently visited a farm in the hills of Soufriere that supplies The BodyHoliday with fresh, local produce. Located 2,500 feet above sea level with panoramic views of St. Lucia’s famous peaks, the cooler air and plentiful rain makes for ideal growing conditions. The fresh ingredients we source from here travel approximately 54 kilometers, or 33.5 miles from farm to table.

The farm is owned and managed by Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Rambally. On their hilly 32 acre lot they produce a number of local staples including sweet potato, dasheen, christophine, tomatoes, cabbage and fresh herbs. Like most St. Lucian farms (excluding banana plantations), their crops are produced for domestic consumption and rely on resorts such as ours to buy their produce.

The entire farm is powered by wind and solar energy and uses minimal, if any pesticides. Environmental conservation and preservation is of the utmost importance to many St. Lucian farmers as the climate is notably changing. Irregular rain patterns and risk of drought is a threat to much production.

Here at The BodyHoliday, we value personal, community and environmental health. By sourcing from local farmers such as the Rambally’s, we can ensure the freshest and highest quality of ingredients for our guests. Buying local is also hugely beneficial for the environment as there is very little shipping or transportation involved. Finally, local sourcing is also socioeconomically viable for our community here on the beautiful island of St. Lucia

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