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Amanda Profile

Amanda Parr: Scuba-Yogi

Amanda, originally from Indiana, USA, has been travelling and living abroad in diverse environments all of her adult life, allowing her to explore different approaches to Yoga, and life in general. Following an initial Integral Yoga teacher training at Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia, USA, she has continued to expand and share her practice around the globe, in places such as the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, India, Central America, and the Caribbean.

As a professional Scuba Diving Instructor (PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer), it is only natural that she recognizes a profound and beneficial relationship between Yoga and Scuba Diving. Since 2014, she has been developing a unique fusion between the two and is the author and exclusive instructor of the Yoga Diver Course, a first of its kind PADI certification course.  Amanda’s approach to Yoga is a traditional one. The foundation of Yoga is meditation, the aim is stillness. While some consider Hatha a style of Yoga, Amanda considers it a fundamental concept. When an individual, using breath control and mindfulness, can find their own personal balance between effort and ease, even the most simple postures can be powerfully beneficial for both body and mind. Amanda’s classes are gentle enough for beginners and yet also aim to challenge experienced practitioners by encouraging them to “empty their cup” and re-connect with their “beginners mind”. Guided by fundamental concepts and techniques, Yogis of all levels are coaxed into a deeper state of awareness, where steadiness of body and stillness of mind can be achieved both on and off the mat.

Yoga-Scuba Philosophy

Scuba can be a physically demanding activity. Therefore, maintaining good general health and fitness is an important part of being a diver. The Asanas (physical postures) practiced in Yoga help strengthen and limber the body, which helps reduce the risk of injuries, as well as prevent over-exertion, which can lead to breathlessness and anxiety in the water. Being in better shape makes diving less strenuous, and therefore more safe and enjoyable. Pranayama (breath control practices) encourages the body to use full capacity of the lungs and absorb and use oxygen more efficiently. Slow, controlled breathing facilitates a relaxed body and mind, improves air consumption, and can be used as a tool to fine tune your buoyancy. Meditation trains the mind to be calm and completely absorbed in the present moment. When you dive in this heightened state of awareness, you can improve alertness and composure in stressful situations, as well as expand your sense of wonder, appreciation, and oneness with the underwater world.

PADI Yoga Diver Course US $295

In the PADI Yoga Diver course, participants will be introduced to these fundamental Yoga concepts and practices, then learn how to integrate them into their scuba diving experience. Through knowledge development and discussion, land-based Yoga class, and 2 open water dives, we will address anxiety and buoyancy issues using breath control and meditation, learn how to be a mindful diver, and even try out some underwater Asanas! Both new and seasoned divers have benefited from this course, enhancing their mindfulness, relaxation, buoyancy, air consumption, and overall enjoyment in the water.

This is an exclusive PADI distinctive specialty course, the first of its kind, and taught by the author herself, a Master Scuba Diver Trainer and certified Yoga Instructor with worldwide teaching experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to try something new, different, useful, and earn a unique PADI card while at it! The Yoga Diver course is open to all Open Water certified divers. If space allows, non-divers are welcomed to join the land-based Yoga class. No previous Yoga experience is necessary. All fitness levels welcome.

Discover Yoga-Scuba US$75

Not a Diver? Try a Yoga-Scuba experience! Through land-based Yoga instruction, an introductory dive lesson, and an (optional) open water dive, you will get a safe and unforgettable taste of the underwater world.

Amanda will be joining us from October 1st to 29th 2017 for Octoba Yoga.

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