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Andrew Rosenstock : Visiting Practitioner

A believer that no single system is fully perfect in itself, Andrew has studied numerous and wide-varying methods of therapeutic and healing modalities to fill the holes within each specific system. A dynamic combination of Western Medicine, Eastern Philosophy, Neuroscience and Quantum Physics.  Drawing from his wide “toolbox” of knowledge and experience, Andrew serves up unique custom treatments for what is presenting itself in YOU.  Deep Tissue Bodywork, Structural Myofascial Reshaping, Energetic Healing, Biodynamic CranioSacral, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, and much more.

Andrew’s treatments aim to bring about deep sense of wholeness in your body-mind complex and profound relaxation to unfold within your nervous system.  It is when SELF is truly calm and at peace that health and wellness in all forms can begin to take shape.

Why see many different people for perceived separate aspects of you when there is only one YOU? Andrew works to integrate the segments and provide a complete and whole experience tailored to your needs that leaves you feeling more like the YOU that was before.

See Andrews offerings here

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