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Yoga at The BodyHoliday

Christin Neisler: Resident Yogi

Christin is a certified yoga instructor from Florida with over 12 years of practicing experience.  She enjoys a well- rounded yoga practice and is inspired from the many different styles of yoga available.  She is also a professional ballroom dancer and attributes much of her success to the practice of yoga, thus advocating the benefits yoga brings to anyone involved in sports or exercise.  In addition to the physical benefits of yoga, she is dedicated to the union of mind and spirit and keeps a consistent meditation practice in order to maintain a balanced life, and positive vibration.

Her joy is teaching a fun, alignment- based, Vinyasa class that offers different variations for the potential levels present in class.  Christin has studied Yoga Therapy and incorporates this tool in her private sessions, helping in rehabilitation for those suffering from injury and or chronic pain.  She is also a certified Reiki practitioner and combines this energy medicine with Aroma therapeutics, meditation, and her knowledge of Ayurveda and wholesome nutrition, in order to help her clients.

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