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Christine Caruso

Christine Caruso has spent the last twenty years dedicating her research and work to medicines and sustainable practices in different cultures and communities, whether that be in food, prayer, dance, meditation, herbs, or family structure. A Stone Reader in the tradition of the Q’ero people in the Highlands of Peru, Christine maintains a private practice in Intuitive Energy Medicine. She holds a Masters Degree in Pastoral Studies from the Washington Theological Union, in Washington, DC, where she completed her thesis on the role of emotions in disease formation and healing. She concentrated her studies on the Mystics, the great lovers of the Divine.  Case studies and research were done during her two years at GW Hospital, in Washington DC, where Christine handled Crisis Intervention in the Emergency Room as well as Chaplaincy in the ICU and Cardiac Units.


 An Intuitive and Empath from birth, Christine spent two years studying at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami, where she refined her practice in Energy Medicine. After earning her Certificate in Permaculture Design from Ecocentro IPEC in Brazil, where she focused on sustainable energy in all living systems, Christine completed her herbal apprenticeship with Corinna Wood of Red Moon Herbs in the mountains of North Carolina.  There she amplified her natural understanding of Plant Spirit Medicine.  As a Bars Facilitator in Access Consciousness, Christine draws upon these varied tools in her sessions.

 Dedicated to prayer and meditation, Christine’s love and passion is to create the space for others to find themselves Sacred and unleash their infinite capacities. As a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Christine is honored to share that awareness and technology with others so that they may be the brightness they truly be. Traveling and Teaching and sharing this abundance bring her great joy. She loves returning to teach on St. Lucia, and has been a Guest teacher in HariNYC in Manhattan, Rosemary Court Yoga in Sarasota, FL, and Yoga Santa Fe, in New Mexico.  During her travels Christine does extensive private instruction in meditation techniques, educating about the power of Medical Meditations.

Christine is with us throughout July and you can review her offerings right here

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