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Bodyholiday staff
Constantine Tohme: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Constantine Tohme is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), with a degree in both Acupuncture and Eastern Herbal Medicine. He offers a full scope of holistic TCM based treatments including: Acupuncture, Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture (Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture), Cupping Therapy, Tui Na (Acupressure Based Massage), Microsystems Acupressure Massage, and a free Five Element  Consultation.

Fusing his knowledge of western physiology and the complex theory of healing employed in Traditional Chinese Medicine; Constantine creates a full picture of your health; identifying which systems in the body may be contributing towards obstruction – pain, and inflammation, emotional stress and anxiety.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated in ancient China, blossoming out of a rich Taoist tradition. This 3,000 year old healing modality seeks to bring balance to the body by harmonizing the function of its various moving parts to treat the whole; requiring a deep understanding of both western physiology but also the more complex and esoteric theory involved in TCM. We work to bring various organs and systems in the body to balance using techniques such as acupuncture, tuina (acupressure massage), cupping, moxibustion, guasha, diet and lifestyle changes.

TCM treatments are most widely used for aches and pains; sports injury; emotional/physiological stress and tension; gynecological disorders; fertility / conception support; gastrointestinal disorders (ibs, chrones, diverticulitis etc); immune boosting / fighting illness or flu; allergies (allergic rhinitis, seasonal/perennial allergies); and management of other chronic illnesses (i.e. autoimmune disorders, lyme disease, fibromyalgia). The scope of treatments listed reflects that this system of healing is meant to address all aspects of your being; from your physiological, emotional to your spiritual well-being.

ACUPUNCTURE: Traditional Acupuncture based on tcm five element  & zang fu theory; as well as conventional clinical acupuncture (dry or ims). Acupuncture in Chinese Medicine is used to treat every system in the body; from chronic pain, psychological or emotional stress, immune system, cardiovascular, and the digestive function. (45MIN/$150 – Initial Treatment; $120 – Follow Up)

COSMETIC FACIAL ACUPUCNTURE: using many extremely fine acupuncture needles, aging lines are traversed and covered on the face; additional points are used on the body to support the overall treatment and relax the patient. Feel your complexion revitalize in this as we (1) relax the muscles of the face, (2) increase collagen production, and (3) bring fullness to the face by increasing circulation. Treatments are roughly an hour long and use anywhere from 30-50 micro-fine cosmetic needles. (1HR/$150 – one treatment; $360 – 3 treatments one week)

FIRE CUPPING THERAPY: Cupping can be thought of as an ‘inverse massage’ – rather than applying pressure to muscles, it uses gentle pressure to pull them up and outward. Cupping is used to treat: back and muscular pain, mobility issues, stress reduction, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as promote healing by stimulating various organs. (45MIN/$150 – Initial Treatment; $120 – Follow Up)

TUINA ACUPRESSURE MASSAGE: Tui Na is a an ancient form of massage and body work unique to Classical Chinese Medicine; archaeological studies have dated it’s use around 2700 BC. Tui Na makes use of acupressure points as well as several motion, traction techniques to: increase mobility, treat chronic muscular skeletal conditions, aches and pains, reduce stress, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as promote healing of the ‘whole’. (45MIN/$150 – Initial Treatment; $120 – Follow Up)

MICROSYSTEMS ACUPRESSURE MASSAGE: Working with various acupressure points found in the –  face, scalp, hands and feet – this massage seeks to affect the overall state of the body via it’s extremities (or ‘microsystems’). Employing some of the same techniques used in TuiNa but the focus here is to relax, revitalize the complexion, clear sinus and lymph, rejuvenate the mind body and spirit. (45MIN/$150 – Initial Treatment; $120 – Follow Up).

Learn about your ‘Five Element’ Consultation and more – Ask for a free 15 minute health consultation at the Wellness Centre on arrival.

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