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Gregoire 960x360

Gregoire Pajot: Osteopathic Practitioner

Gregoire is a great new addition to the BodyHoliday Team. He studied at the European School of Osteopathy in the UK. He views health as composed of structural, biochemical and mental factors which must be equally balanced producing the triad of health. His principle is to analyse and check all three factors and treat any or all that are disrupted. Gregoire is particularly interested in helping clients feel empowered and deeply reconnected to the Self. He specialises in cranio-sacral and harmonic techniques during his training. Gregoire use an holistic approach including fascial work, rythmical and cranio-sacral techniques. His way of treating is more functional which mean that he works a lot with tissues, breathing mecanisms, ligaments and also more subtle fluid such as energy.

Gregoire offers a full body Osteopathic treatment, which is a dynamic way of treating using a wide range of articulation techniques. By stretching muscles, improving the blood flow, and re-coordinating the nervous system, different pressure gradients are created in the body which helps with the draining of fluids and re-balancing of the body as a whole. It is an ideal approach to recover from physical or emotional stress.

Some of the services that he will be offering at BodyHoliday are the following:

  • Osteopathy Full Check-up

Full body treatment also called G.O.T. This is a dynamic way of treatment using a wide range of articulation techniques. During the session, Gregoire moves each joint of the body in a rhythmical way. This stretches muscles, improving blood flow, re-coordinating the nervous system, creating different pressure gradients in the body and helping with drainage of fluids, ultimately rebalancing the body.

  • Low back treatment:

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints and it is largely caused by lifestyle and asymmetries. Gregoire can manage this issue by rebalancing the patient’s body helping them to harmonize movements and reduce friction and pain. In this treatment, he treats the appropriate body part to re-equilibrate the body.    Gregoire also applies gentle techniques such as fascial unwinding to help release tensions in the tissues.

  • Neck and shoulder pain treatment:

Muscular tension can increase with emotional stress, especially at the base of the neck, head, and jaw. Therefore, in this treatment Gregoire releases muscular tension around the cervical spine and shoulder. This is often done with gentle and deep treatments of the muscles, performing articulation and manipulation when it’s needed.

  • Stress relief treatment (physical / emotional):

With a busy and stressful lifestyle, it can be difficult to simply relax our body.  During this treatment, Gregoire guides his patients to reach a deeper relaxation in their body and mind. He often uses cranio-sacral technique which impacts the parasympathetic nervous system and brings about complete relaxation. He also likes to work on the breathing mechanisms of his patients to help them release and «breath out» the tensions of everyday life.

  • Mindful Meditation:

In this 45-minute class, Gregoire uses his voice as a guidance tool to help clients to follow his voice and reach a level of relaxation and peace. He uses Tibetan singing bowl during his practice, which is a profound sound that helps to go deeper into meditation.

  • Sukha (Gentle) Yoga:

A sixty minute practice where a different set of postures (Asanas) and dynamic postures such as the “Sun Salutation” are performed. Gregoire emphasizes in breathing while he teaches sukha yoga. The practice starts with a pre-asana routine which helps to gently go into the practice. More advanced postures are performed later during the class, and if a certain posture is difficult, he always gives slight modifications.

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