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Jessica Lambert

This is Jessica’s second stint aBodyholiday as she is a returning practitioner who was originally with us back in 2014. ¬†Since then Jessica has spent her time working as a therapist and teacher in the well-known ski resort of Whistler, in Canada.

Jess’ osteopathic approach is influenced by her enthusiasm for all aspects of health and wellness as well as her practice as a yoga teacher. She focus’ on restoring movement, mobility, strength and support whilst addressing alignment and imbalance. Jess also looks into relieving any physical or emotional tensions and concerns that may be hindering recovery.

Osteopathic treatments begin with a case history taking, following this there will be a physical examination and then once Jessica has helped you to understand your presentation there will be a treatment – it is also likely you will leave with exercises or advice that will help you with rehabilitation/pain relief outside of the treatment room.

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