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Kaya Shannon: Resident Yogi

Kaya Shannon earned her 500-hr Teaching Certification through a program run by the World Renowned Yoga Master Doug Swenson. She has studied many different aspects of yoga, meditation, nutrition, & the energy fields woven throughout the universe & within our bodies.

Kaya has spent time taste-testing different systems of yoga including Sadhana Yoga Chi, Vinyasa, Yin, Iyengar, & Ashtanga. She has now blended these flavors of yoga along with other energy movement practices, such as Tai Chi & Qigong, sprinkling them throughout her classes. To each class, she brings a sense of freedom, play, mindfulness, & peace while stretching & strengthening the body. Her desire is to bring each student into a place of presence, deep gratitude, & connection to the wisdom within their bodies as well as the earth that nourishes them.

Kaya8She is passionate about all that yoga brings into one’s life, the health of our planet, & all things wild. If she’s not doing yoga you can find her reading a book, drinking some green juice, or playing in the wilds of nature with her loving partner, Joaquin.

Through asana (physical postures), guided meditation, & deep breaths you will learn to savor the present moment with an open heart. Classes will mostly be a non-traditional approach with a vinyasa-like feel. They will include meditation, asana, & deep relaxation to soak up all the yumminess from your practice.

Kaya will be teaching classes such as:

Morning medicine: A vinyasa flow

This class will be full of variations in order for yoga practitioners of all levels to enjoy. This is a well-rounded practice to get your day moving. Expect detoxifying twists, moments of movement, sprinkles of stillness, & deep breaths. Wake up & stretch the muscles as you surrender into the present moment. Allow gratitude & acceptance to melt into every fiber of your being as your body rejuvenates.

Just like honey: A slow flow

Use this class to ground into the present, root down into the earth, and find stability within. With this slow moving class, you will be able to savor every sensation with a heightened sense of awareness. The first part of the class will include a meditation before diving into slow, flowing movement that will challenge your control & balance. From this, you’ll unmask new levels of grace, awareness & strength. The second half of the class will be gentle & nurturing with yin-like long-held stretches, ending with deep relaxation.


Join Kaya Shannon for her upcoming classes intended for all levels. Find all the deliciousness your body has been craving as we dive into a place that is dynamic, strong, playful, free, flowy, soothing, & gentle. Kaya offers as well private sessions. If you are interested in one-on-one yoga, please ask your BodyHoliday Specialist.

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