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Kestin Greco: Resident Yogi

Kestin Greco graduated from the International Sivananda Yoga venture center under the guidance of Swami Brahmananda where she studied Chanting, Meditation, and Phycology of Yoga. Kestin been with the BodyHoliday for five years and has worked her way up in the industry. Kestin specializes in Sivananda Yoga and Hatha Yoga; she wishes to share her joy of yoga to each and everyone. Om shanti

Traditional hatha Yoga for Beginners

This class consists of loosing exercises, joint movements, sun salutations followed by a set of Traditional Hatha Yoga Postures in standing, sitting, and supine and prone lying positions. It helps to develop balance of the body and mind, increase flexibility and joint mobility. It also helps reinforce the strength of the spine and improves body flexibility.

Sivananda Yoga

Sivananda Yoga follows twelve basic postures, represented by the seven major chakras within the Sushmna, within the center channel. The sequence follows; headstand (crown chakra), Shoulderstand and plough affect the thyroid gland, (throat chakra) fish thymus gland (heart chakra), head to knee posture (navel chakra), cobra, lotus and bow (swadhishatana chakra) sexual organs and finish with postures that affect the root chakra. The final Asana Shavasana Corpse posture. Corpse posture will reverse the order Dissolution of creation goes the other direction from bottom to the top, final relaxation you are withdrawing the consciousness of the body, so in the one sequence of asana you go through a progress of creation which is a full cycle. It is advisable to participate sessions one through four, these classes will be broken down to obtain a clear understanding of what his special linage has to offer.

Octoba Yoga 1st to 29th October 2017

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