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Laure Anne Osteopathic Practitioner

Laure Anne: Osteopathic Practitioner

Osteopathy is a treatment based on manipulation techniques that focus on the body as a whole:

Laure Anne is a very dedicated osteopathic practitioner with extensive experience in this field. She gained her Osteopath Diploma from the Sutherland Osteopathy College in Paris, completed training for sport’s osteopathy at The Paris University of Sport, and has professionally managed her own clinical osteopath facility in Normandy. Striving for more knowledge, she has completed further intensive training in a variety of areas which include: homeopathy, sport’s osteopathy, and acupuncture.

Her approach to treating patients is through a series of approaches, manipulations, and tissue techniques that she adapts and personalizes to each patient. In the sports field, she makes use of her sports osteopathy knowledge to guide guests through each step of the development and training.

Laure Anne delivers her treatments with great passion and finds that one of the most rewarding aspects of her practice is to help others and witness immediate results. Some of her hobbies include salsa-dancing, gymnastics, and running.

laureanne600x400Through Laure-Anne’s treatments and gentle approach, you will have an impact on your parasympathetic nervous system that will bring you complete relaxation, and help you deal with stress, headaches, sleep disorders, and further aid in sports preparation, sports recovery and more.

Some of the services that she will be offering at BodyHoliday are the following:

  • Osteopathy full check-up

Laure Anne will assess your whole body and will help prevent injuries and possible recurrences. Through this treatment, your body will find a total balance.

  • Sports injury prevention

Sports injuries are most often presented during an asymmetrical sports practice, such as golf, tennis, fencing, beach volleyball, archery, kite surfing etc. Athletes’ pains have an impact on their performances as the body compensates by adapting to this asymmetry. In this session, Laure-Anne will focus on specific areas and assure that these compensations are balanced. The goal is not to find a balance or a harmony, but a good physiology of the motion and improve your sport’s posture.

  • Tendinitis + tennis and golfer’s elbow

Tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendon. Laure-Anne will rebalance the joint in connection with this tendon, working on your natural motions and postures. This treatment can prevent the occurrence, and aid in the treatment of interarticular inflammations.

  • Craniosacral osteopathy

A very gentle treatment based on osteopathy which will give you a sense of your true well-being, a state of deep relaxation, stillness, the potential for healing, and “reconnection with yourself”. This treatment will help you achieve a craniosacral harmonization. The craniosacral harmonization is the balance between the ends of your column, from the skull at the top of the sacrum to the pelvis at the bottom.

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