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Mila Lazar at The BodyHoliday

Mila Lazar: Jive June

Mila started her career as a professional Dancer in Germany at the Cranko Ballet school in Stuttgart. She performed in Musicals such as “ A Chorus Line” & “ My Sweet Charity”. She has been hand picked personally by the Master of Jazz dance Mr Gus Giordano at a Workshop and has been swept away to Chicago USA instantly to dance at the Gus Giordano Dance School as an Apprentice for the Gus Giordano Jazz Dance Company.

After a successful year she moved to The Netherlands to master her classical Ballet & Contemporary dance degree at the Hoogeschool voor de kunsten (Dance Academy) in Arnhem. To be able to effort her study Mila was instructing Aerobics, Step, Street dance, Body Conditioning  & many more classes at the nearest Sports club.

During her last year of her study Mila attended an Audition that changed her life for good. She joined the Girl band Alice Deejay which was know World wide for hits like “ Better of Alone”, “Back in my life”.

Mila-LazarShe was on a World Tour for almost 3 years and performed many times at TOTP UK, Germany & Holland & Mtv USA, Canada and UK.

After the Tour Mila was a background dancer for all kinds of Artists like Shaggy, En Vogue, Mutya Buena Chris Brown and many more as well as being an ensemble Dancer for Musical Award Shows.

Her latest big achievement was dancing for the Opening of the Olympic 2012. During her time as a Dancer she understood how important it is to keep fit especially as a dancer. Mila never stopped teaching classes & her big achievements in the Fitness Industry are: Winning an Award for best Fitness 1st Uk Presenter 2006, DVD’s such as “ Gimmi, Gimmi, Gimmi a Workout DVD” & “ Fit in 5-20min LBT Attack Workout”

Her own DVD’s that include a 30min Boot Camp abs Workout, Body Conditioning for Ladies only & Pilates

Mila taught mainly Street Dance & Zumba classes as a Presenter at Dance & Fitness Conventions in the UK, Poland, La Santa Lancarote, Antigua, Grenada, St. Lucia and the big ECA Convention in New York.

Mila enjoys teaching Street dance, House Dance, Latin Aerobics & Step. A new class called “Rave” is a Trampoline class she invented 4 years ago.

When Mila met Tracy Anderson and participated in her class she was blown away by Tracy’s technique and training concept. She also met Shaun T from the Insanity Workout and she has developed her own High Intensity Interval class called “ 1Min Wonder Workout”.

Mila is truly a mover and is still in her 30s a professional Dancer, Fitness Presenter/ Instructor and soon a Personal Trainer.

Mila hosts will host Jive June 2018

Availability: June 17th – July 1st, 2018

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