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Natascha Zeller: Resident Yogi

Natascha is a proud graduate of  the Yoga Academy where she trained with Simon Low at his superb international teaching facility. She had the privilege of assisting at the Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong. Not only did this prove to be an amazing experience but it also provided a real insight into the many facets of yoga and the importance of its role in the very hectic and busy world we live in today.

Coming from a background in drama and dance, Natascha began to take a keen interest in the potential benefits of yoga for the body and general well-being after discovering how regular practice helped heal parts of the body that had become overstretched and overworked. This led to an understanding of how yoga is about finding life’s balance and awakening senses of ‘inner calm and silent strength’.

Natascha will be teaching classes such as;

Vinyasa Flow/Hatha Yoga – Offering a well rounded dynamic practice which can evoke the same kind of joy & freedom in the body as that which can also be felt through dance , with the added benefits of applying correct alignment with breathing technique , creating an inner sense of calm silent strength .

Restorative Yoga – Restorative Yoga can be a superb complement to all kinds of sporting activities  helping tightened muscles to stretch out and relax. By using bolsters , blocks , straps and blankets etc. the body can ‘surrender into a posture’ without having to hold it as the bolsters / blocks etc. do that for you , thus a deep relax and release can be some of the many benefits of taking these classes.

Octoba-Yoga 1st – 29th October 2017


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