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St lucia activities - Schramsberg

Hiley Fulgence is a professional Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, and Sports Massage Therapist who has worked around the world helping people to improve their fitness, achieve better overall health, and maximize their performance. At the BodyHoliday, he specializes in nutrition for weight loss, assessment and treatment for injury prevention and rehabilitation, and sports science testing & performance enhancement. As a former track and field athlete, he brings a unique enthusiasm and compassion, along with the determination to improve his clients’ physical wellbeing.

He has gained qualifications as a Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer from Premier Global International in the United Kingdom and is a Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach from Precision Nutrition. Prior to his tenure at the BodyHoliday, Hiley has had a wide range of experience working as a personal trainer and nutrition coach in both the UK and onboard luxury cruise lines, as well as working with up and coming athletes here in St. Lucia on posture correction, mobility, strength, and speed.

Hiley offers the following programmes at BodyHoliday