Rivkah teaches a dynamic vinyasa flow class, inspiring a fluid/liquid feeling tone for mind/body and spirit. Her style has influences of dance, and martial arts and she uses beautiful music, and spiritual metaphors thru out, creating an attitude of grace. Rivkah’s unique style brings great awareness to the body’s powerful energy lines, nadis, and organ meridians. So a deep cleanse and sweat are guaranteed!

She also teaches a gentle oriented Yoga Nidra class for evenings and very early mornings, for the quieter moments. Rivkah studied in La and India and has been teaching in London and hosting worldwide retreats and teacher training workshops for the last 15 years.

She is an ex professional ballerina and is also a professional singer and has just released her first Chanting Album! She is often heard chanting at London’s ” Mind Body Spirit” shows at Olympia. Rivkah has taught for Tri Yoga in London for 15 years, and Kx Spa in Kensington for 5 years.

Rivkah is one of our guests presenters for Octoba Yoga from the 14th September – 28th October