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Personalise My BodyHoliday

If you have already booked your BodyHoliday then this is the right place to start organising your time here. With over 170 treatments and body cares to choose from and more than 50 sports and activities both on land and water, using your own private web room to pre-plan your BodyHoliday experience is a wonderful tool.

Once you have opened your web room you will be able to:

  • Chat directly with a holiday consultant.
  • Select your preferred times for your included spa treatments and to plan activities around those treatments to avoid unwanted clashes.
  • Select and book additional treatments and activities that will enhance your vacation and will help you achieve your relaxation, fitness and rejuvenation goals – should you choose to set any.

Here’s How:

New registrants: If you have a reservation and are not yet checked in, please click here. Check-in

New Registrants already checked in: If you have already used our online check in service just click here to set your sign in password. Go

Please note: If you are not the lead name on the reservation but part of the same booking click here. Go

Already Registered? Sign in here

If you do not have a reservation but you are browsing, go ahead and get comfortable, you can update your contact information and update your interests. Once you have made up your mind, and you book your holiday, then let us know and we will simply activate your personal web room so that you can personalise your upcoming vacation.

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