Project Description

Dr Giles Bointon

General Practitioner

One of the privileges I’ve been honored with over my forty years working as a general practitioner and family doctor is the opportunity to work in some of the most interesting places in the world. My job has taken me to exotic places such as Bermuda, Mustique and other Caribbean islands, remote places such as Newfoundland in Canada, (where I doubled up as the local vet), far-flung corners of New Zealand and Australia, and some of the prettiest countryside in England, (the Cotswolds), where I was senior partner for over twenty years at my practice in Chipping Campden.

I moved with my wife to live in Barbados five years ago, and have been lucky enough to work as a regular locum doctor in Mustique and Canouan during that time.

And now, a new and exciting adventure awaits me in St Lucia as I join the team at the Body Holiday Le Sport resort, bringing with me over four decades of medical experience. The focus will be on analyzing and improving health opportunities for guests, whose choice of holiday at the resort suggests health and fitness is at the foremost of their priorities. Beginning with a blood analysis and physical assessment, we can work towards focus areas such as diet, exercise and other regimes to improve bodily and mental wellbeing.

During my career, my areas of special interest have been mental health and all its connotations for overall welfare, and dermatological problems, (probably arising from my sixteen years in the southern hemisphere, where the sun is strong).

I’m looking forward to becoming part of the fabric of the Body Holiday team, with an emphasis on holistic health – for your holiday and beyond. Whether the vacation is the start of the journey, a healing exercise for a specific problem, or a step-up from existing levels of wellness.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you during your stay, and look forward to meeting you either in the clinic, or at the weekly cocktail party, where I’ll be available for informal chats about your goals and expectations.