Hiley Fulgence

Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist

As a former athlete, Hiley knows from painful experience that the body does not work in isolation from nutrition and exercise. Hiley recovered from serious and chronic injury by correcting his posture and nutrition, and as a result he pursued studies in sports therapy, personal training and nutrition.

Hiley takes a more holistic approach to improve general health and wellbeing. Exercise improves posture, overall strength, balance and endurance. This will reduce pain, tension, fix, manage and decrease risk of injures. Managing stress will reduce overall inflammation in your body, allowing it to work more efficiently. Good nutrition gives your body the tools, material and fuel it needs to rebuild and build itself making you stronger and more resistant to illnesses.

As a nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist Hiley offers clients individual, bespoke assistance to make better nutrition choices, choose the right exercise regime for you – whether to lose weight, keep active, increase muscle, improve posture, recover from or prevent injuries.