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Resorts in st lucia all inclusive

Preview April at BodyHoliday


Click on any image below to discover more of what’s coming this April at BodyHoliday and remember-April is WellFit with Donna Fraser from 16th to 30th, so if you are at the resort on those dates be sure to register your interest before you arrive.

Tip : Due to unforeseen delay with delivery of new stock we are currently unable to provide complimentary water bottles to guests. We are working hard to restore supply but wish to inform all arriving guests. Apologies for any inconvenience caused! If you have been before you might want to pack your BodyHoliday bottle or if you are coming for the first time it’s a good idea to bring a water bottle.


School-BagA community based project to provide knapsacks with school supplies to under served children in St. Lucia. The St. Lucia Knapsack Project operates out of Toronto, Canada and seeks the support of individuals to reach this goal.

If would like to participate, all this involves is putting a few items together for the children and delivering them to a collection point.

However, if you live in the UK, USA or anywhere else for that matter, if you have room in your luggage to bring a small knapsack, complete with contents, just hand it in to the front desk on arrival-Thank you so much!

Natascha Zeller

St lucia luxury vacation packages

Our New Resident Yogi

Natascha is a proud graduate of  the Yoga Academy where she trained with Simon Low at his superb international teaching facility.  Not only did this prove to be an amazing experience but it also provided a real insight into the many facets of yoga and the importance of its role in our hectic and busy world.

WellFit with Donna Fraser

St lucia scuba diving

Train with an Olympic Champion

This April from 16th to 30th, we are thrilled to welcome the return of Olympic Runner Donna Fraser. Click here to find out all about Donna’s upcoming WellFit programme and sign up before you arrive to make sure of your place. Am amazing opportunity to train with and learn fitness secrets from a champion!


Santa lucia sport and fitness resorts

Surprise Yourself

Explore details about our brand new program, commencing in February. The Equine Journey is for anyone interested in better communications and learning to “live in the moment”. A holistic approach to communication skills using horses to teach us and show us the way. There are two unique programs – Equine Expression and Equine Reflection.


Spa hotels in st lucia

John Hopkins-Holistic Therapist

Water Shiatsu. The body is floated and supported in warm water, gently moved, cradled, rocked and stretched with smooth, flowing, tai chi like dance movements. The joints are gently mobilized, the muscles stretched and softly manipulated with pressure points, providing deep relaxation to mind and body.

Rock Climbing Program

Scuba st lucia

New Adventures

Join us at Pigeon Island National Park and experience the joys of rock climbing. An empowering adventure delivering physical and mental stimulation with spiritual and emotional rewards. This is arguably one of the most stunning climbing locations in the world! Ascending up Signal Peak with the Caribbean Sea lapping against the rocks beneath you. There are a variety of routes suitable for beginners and experienced climbers alike. Come join us and discover for yourself.



Wellness resort saint lucia

Fun Voyages

Treat yourself to a half-day private charter on board Aurora Rose, our 24 foot sailboat and explore St Lucia’s exotic coast line. Feel the wind in your hair as you set sail on the Caribbean Sea. Drop anchor in Rodney Bay and cool off with a swim. Then enjoy a picnic and some bubbles. For the real sailing enthusiasts you can take one of our new the X-Treme 26 sailboats and race down to Marigot Bay or even dash across the Martinique channel to diamond rock and back.


Custom Made for you

If you haven’t yet registered your own personal web room for custom building your BodyHoliday

then why not do it right now…You can schedule any of the above activities and your spa treatments, journeys and healthy Ageing programmes-in fact absolutely everything even if it’s just to ask for a feather pillow…