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Maya Fiennes Yoga Retreat


Set on a secluded cove of white sand beach at the edge of the Caribbean Sea, surrounded by tropical gardens and rainforest, BodyHoliday Saint Lucia is the ultimate getaway for body and mind. Recognised as one of the finest destination resorts and centre of well-being, there couldn’t be a more idyllic corner of the world to escape to and join Maya Fiennes during her “A Journey through the Chakras” retreat.

Manage common stresses and strains and positively transform your life

Join Maya in “A Journey through the Chakras” retreat where you can work on your fears, creativity, relationships and communication, all while bringing an abundance of love and happiness to your life. 

 Retreat dates: March 17th- March 24th

USD$756 per person per night

Booking code: BHMAYA18


“Maya is an author, yogi and musician who travels the globe teaching a mix of Kundalini yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong, incorporating original music that she writes to help her students vibrate at higher frequencies. Her journey from a concert pianist to yogi is a confirmation that anything is possible if we allow it and believe in it! Maya has produced over 20 DVDs and CDs, authored a book, Yoga for Real Life, which empowers people to tap into their potential of self-healing through mindfulness and meditation, and developed The Maya Fiennes Method which helps people transform their life and find their path to freedom from fear, anxiety, and stress.

She holds regular retreats, workshops and teacher training courses throughout the world.

To learn more please visit her website www.mayafiennes.com.”