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Signing up to the Sunswept E Mail Seed List

Explanation-Signing up to OPT IN to the Sunswept Seed List

Everybody on the E mailing seed list should receive a copy of the e mails that go out. It is a common problem with mass e mail distribution systems that sending to the same domain name as the origin can often cause e mails to be placed as SPAM or JUNK Mail.

There are two ways to fix that:

The easiest is to simply add the sender to your contacts. Since that doesn’t seem to be happening I have devised a SURE FIRED solution. Inspired by the SUPER SECURITY we experience in mailing programmes these days I have set up a “Double opt in process ” This means you will be sure to receive any of our emails that may have previously been junked.

Please enter your First Name, Last Name and e mail address in the form below and click SUBMIT.

Check your e mail and follow the instructions to confirm

yourself on the list.

By the Way – I shall know exactly who has not followed this path and therefore I shall chase you down if you don’t do it ; > )

Best Wishes

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Michael Bryant

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