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St lucia vacation packages all inclusive

Welcome Stowe School

During certain times of the year, the BodyHoliday changes its age policy from a minimum of 16 yrs to 12 yrs. This is to accommodate the many families who love the concept of the BodyHoliday and for whom sharing an adventure, health and well being is what their family is all about.

During the months of July and August for instance, we feature our Well Fit Families programme. This is always hosted by successful athletes and sportsmen and women, many of whom have achieved Olympic and World Championship class. Last year for example we welcomed Olympians Marlon Devonish, Michael Jamieson,  Jamie Baulch and Steve Williams, as well as NFL legend Randy Moss!

For all the details about the athletes who will be here and their programmes you can look up the Wellfit Families page.

Best of all, the additional activities provided by our special guests are completely free.

Book Your Stay - Summer 2018

Reserve a holiday of a lifetime for your family this summer at BodyHoliday!

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