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St lucia family resort


BodyHoliday was the first ever experience that took a fun-filled beach vacation and combined it with a program of health and wellbeing that will last you a lifetime. Over the past 20+ years we have been creating experiences that have resulted in industry high repeat visits. The reason is simply that you cannot buy what we offer anywhere else. We have renovated all the rooms recently; we’ve improved and significantly developed our facilities over the years but most important of all, we have added more and more to our programs of health and wellbeing. The BodyHoliday concept was built on the four pillars of well-being: Fitness-Diet-Relaxation and Restorative beauty. Each one of these has been honed over the years, but we’ve never lost sight of why we are successful and that is the fusion between fun and fit. We are quite unique.

We’d love you to browse our website and below we’ve highlighted some of the things we think you might find interesting, including our amazing theme months and the best rates to go with each one. And if we are talking about booking, note that the best rates will always be on this website- GUARANTEED.


Winter Early Booking Bonus of savings up to 25% for travel from 23rd December 2018 to 14th April 2019 with a book by date of 23rd December  2018 on minimum 7 night stay.