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Welcome to Tatler Readers

If you are ready to make a change to your health and wellbeing and the way you get fit and stay fit then WellFit could be for you. The BodyHoliday has tailored an intensive two weeks boot camp.

During the month of November for instance, we feature our SwimFit programme. Hosted by GB Olympians Keri-anne Payne and David Carry, this is a fantastic opportunity to improve swimming technique, efficiency and speed while being coached by two of the best in the world!

In addition to WellFit and SwimFit this November, there will also be our second annual #1 Mile Swim, check out the video below!

Book Your BodyHoliday

Make your booking for BodyHoliday which includes the November WellFit programme.

For more information Call 0203 096 1637