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Sailing with Xtreme 26
Arrival of Xtreme 26 Racing Yachts

We are expecting our two brand new G Force Yachts Xtreme 26 sailboats this summer! These boats are a brand new matched design and the BodyHoliday is taking delivery of two of the first five ever built. These unique vessels are boasting some very cool new technology. The X-Treme 26 will be fitted with a device that will track its performance and true wind data in real time without requiring instrument calibration. After sailing, the data will be available to view on a dedicated website and on IOS devices (Android platform available in Q3) letting sailors re-live their navigations with cartography and detailed information. Furthermore, this device will allow every equipped X-Treme 26 to sail virtually against other X-Treme 26s no matter where the boats are located in the world and the weather conditions encountered, bringing together a real X-Treme 26 community.

Along with the arrival of the new boats, we will be launching The BodyHoliday Sailing Club. We will offer a number of new and improved courses including Introduction to Sailing, Learn to Crew, Learn to Helm and Learn to Race.


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