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Health Fair in the Body Holiday
BodyHoliday Health Fair

Today BodyHoliday Saint Lucia hosted its first ever Health Fair in collaboration with the Victoria Hospital.

We believe that in order to take Health and Well Being at the resort to the next level, it should start with the hosts of the holiday – our team members.

Our chosen theme this year is “LOVE YOURSELF.”

We have put together a health, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness programme for our team members in order to promote optimal health and well being resort wide, at all levels.

Health Fair by Body Holiday, St Lucia
Health Fair in St Lucia
Body Holiday's Health Fair

The schedule of events included;

  • Oral and Dental Education and Screening
  • Blood Pressure and Sugar Testing
  • Pap smears
  • Rapid HIV Testing
  • Skin Care Advice and Taster Massages
  • Breast Cancer Education and Examination
  • BMI, BodyStatistics, Nutritional Advice
  • Sexual Reproduction Health Care
  • Education on Mosquito Borne Diseases
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