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1st place at the 2017 Chairman’s Reserve Cocktail Tropical Challenge in St. Lucia

Stephen Peter won 1st place at the 2017 Chairman’s Reserve Cocktail Tropical Challenge in St. Lucia. Stephen, a young and enthusiastic 29-year-old man, has been working at BodyHoliday for 6 years. His personality is easy-going, confident, and he loves to meet and forge friendships with new people. He is a hard-working young man, and his creativity allows him to come up with new recipes and ideas to incorporate into his delicious cocktail creations.


BodyHoliday is the first hotel he has ever worked for, and where his bartending passion grew. In his words, “Before going to the competition I knew that if my special cocktail came out perfectly, there was no chance that I could lose!”

maitai600x400His winning cocktail is a play on the mai tai, and the main ingredient that made his beverage win was the addition of ginger spice in the cocktail, providing an extra kick. The presentation was also superb as he incorporated a calabash as the cocktail glass and requested that it be drank as a soup. The cultural touch and his fun personality ensured his win. As an aspiring magician, he also added some magic tricks to his presentation, to add even more fun and wow moments.

He thanks BodyHoliday for all if it’s support, experience, and was overjoyed to have represented BodyHoliday in this challenge. We thank him for recreating his winning recipe for us.

Winning Recipe


2oz chairman’s reserve

1oz chairman’s spice

1oz fresh passionfruit juice

½ fresh lemon juice

3 dashes of bitters

1oz homemade ginger spice syrup

You can find Stephen at the Piano Bar. We strongly recommend asking him to prepare for you one of his delicious creations.

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