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Maya Fiennes at Body Holiday
Maya Fiennes Retreat at BodyHoliday

We are delighted to announce that Maya Fiennes, Kundalini yoga teacher, singer, classical pianist, and author of “Yoga for real life” will be joining us at BodyHoliday from March 17th to March 24th to host her “A Journey through the Chakras” retreat.


BodyHoliday Saint Lucia is the ultimate getaway for body and mind and marks the perfect location to host Maya’s retreat with its beautiful white sand beach at the edge of the Caribbean Sea and surrounding tropical gardens and rainforest. BodyHoliday has been recognized as one of the most beautiful destination resorts and centers of well-being. Therefore, there really couldn’t be a more idyllic corner of the world to escape to join Maya in her “A Journey through the Chakras” retreat than at BodyHoliday Saint Lucia.

yoga-Inset-3This retreat allows the opportunity to make like-minded friends while practicing yoga and opening the heart to the abundance that life has to offer. The retreat includes two classes a day; one in the morning, and one in the evening, with the exception on the day of arrival and departure where Maya will be hosting one class.The retreat allows the guests to also enjoy BodyHoliday’s endless list of activities on land and sea–from yoga sessions and fitness classes to scuba diving, to sailing, to tennis, and golf to more exotic adventures including biking the coastline, hiking the mountains or abseiling a river gorge. However, you design it, BodyHoliday can be a hive of activity or a haven of peace and serenity.

mayadancing600x400Maya’s retreat can be explained as a simple approach to yoga, which she has built over many years of study and practice. She helps her students by utilizing the best techniques to identify what blockages each student has and helps them to take the necessary time out from everyday life to treat themselves to beautiful surroundings and exploring the many facets of kundalini yoga.

Apart from the inclusive daily classes with Maya at the retreat, guests can try the extensive food offering at BodyHoliday. Good diet is one of the four pillars upon which the BodyHoliday is built and in each of the resort’s six restaurants our chefs and team are intent on ensuring that you savour every culinary experience. Our latest gastronomic addition to BodyHoliday is I-tal, a place where you can discover our new farm to table experience and enjoy an unforgettable meal with sweeping West-Indian views. For this reason and more, we think your retreat in March with Maya Fiennes will be a memorable experience.

 About Mayamayaturbant600x400Maya is an author, yogi, and musician who travels the globe teaching a mix of Kundalini yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong, incorporating original music that she writes to help her students vibrate at higher frequencies. Her journey from a concert pianist to yogi is a confirmation that anything is possible if we allow it and believe in it! Maya has produced over 20 DVDs and CDs, authored a book, “Yoga for Real Life” which empowers people to tap into their potential of self-healing through mindfulness and meditation and has further developed The Maya Fiennes Method which helps people transform their lives and find their path to freedom from fear, anxiety, and stress.  She holds regular retreats, workshops, and teacher training courses throughout the world. To learn more, please visit her website www.mayafiennes.com.

Please find more information on how to secure your limited spot to attend this retreat HERE.

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