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BodyHoliday Retreats: Change your life under the Caribbean sun!

BodyHoliday is part of a sanctuary on the northwestern tip of the island where people from all over the world can seek mindfulness and a personalized and custom-made experience. At the beginning of 2018, BodyHoliday proudly launched its new retreats program offering the perfect location where guests can choose from five different week-long retreats, based on the varied themes and their goals.

Retreats offered at BodyHoliday

The five retreats featured will be hosted at Villa Firefly and are a new feature in the BodyHoliday’s wellness programme. The “Vedic Retreat” is great for those that are feeling mentally, emotionally and physically drained from a hectic lifestyle and work-life. The “Cleanse & Detox Retreat” includes daily ayurvedic spa treatments that increase your vitality, lead to better skin health and can jump start your weight loss. The “Stress Retreat” is a mindful one that aims to train your mind to live in the moment, using time proven techniques from our Equine Journey to Meditation, helping reduce brain clutter and bringing one closer to appreciating the “here and now”. Another retreat hosted at BodyHoliday is the “Yoga Retreat” designed for yogis and yoga lovers and spans the various degrees of expertise from beginners to advanced levels. Finally, BodyHoliday’s “Weight-Loss Retreat” is led by their expert nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist, a team of fitness specialists, instructors and wellness chefs, and it is designed as a holistic approach to getting your weight to where you need it to be and providing you with the tools to manage your weight thereafter.

We have the following retreats coming up:

Weight Loss Retreat from October 13th to 20th October, 2018

Yoga Retreat from November 10th to 17th, November 2018

Yoga Retreat from November 17th to 24th, November 2018

Join BodyHoliday and experience one of the 5 retreats! We are certain it can change your life.

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