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Sex, Sanity & Sleep-Dr Nadu Tuakli

Returning to the BodyHoliday on vacation this month, is Dr Nadu Tuakli. Dr Nadu’s latest book “Sex, Sanity and Sleep” answers a myriad of women’s health questions about menopause and bio-identical hormones. Are they safe? Who needs them? How can they restore your quality of life? Read this book, especially if you have any of the following: —Low sex drive —Poor memory —PMS —Hot flashes —Insomnia —Fatigue —Vaginal dryness —Weight gain —Mood swings —Depression or anxiety —Chronic pain —Headaches —Osteoporosis —Arthritis —Fibromyalgia.

As an insight for our guests at BodyHoliday this June, Dr Nadu has kindly consented to deliver a talk on her specialist subject. Dr Nadu will also be giving a book signing for anyone who is interested.

Dates for your Diary:

Wednesday 14th June

Book Signing at the Wellness Center cocktail party between 7pm and 8pm

Thursday 15th June

Dr Nadu’s talk will be at the Clubhouse between 5pm and 6pm

Nadu Book Poster
Dr Nadu 2

Nadu A. Tuakli MD, MPH is a board certified Family Medicine physician with a Masters degree in Preventive Medicine. She trained at the University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins, Harvard and the University of Zambia. She is the director of the Anti-aging and Longevity Institute in Columbia, Maryland and an Assistant Professor with the Department of Family Medicine at Georgetown University. She has received several awards from different universities in the Baltimore DC metropolitan area for teaching. Dr. Tuakli has been in private practice for over 25 years specializing in anti-aging, bioidentical hormone therapy as well as the full scope of family medicine including pediatrics. Dr. Tuakli has been featured on the Discovery Health Channel and several radio shows. She regularly conducts public seminars on women’s health and longevity. She has volunteered on medical missions around the world and is passionate about Health Education.

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