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Snorkeling Trip to the Pitons

Sea, Sun, and Snorkel!

At BodyHoliday there is a range of activities that you can choose from. Whether you are a water or land person, there is something for you that will make your vacation even more fun and unique!

The snorkeling trip to the Pitons is one of the most exciting and suitable-for-everyone activities offered at the resort.  It offers the perfect getaway to see the natural sights that Saint Lucia has on offer, such as the magnificent Pitons that rise high into the sky and the beautiful blue sea water filled with vibrant corals, colorful fish and much more.

Snorkel Pitons 1
Snorkel Pitons 2

Your day starts at 8:30am at the Scuba Dive Centre where our fun, professional, and dedicated team will be waiting for you to make sure you have a perfect fitting snorkel, mask and fins as well as all necessary equipment to start the journey. After a short drive from the resort to Landings Marina, you will arrive at “Tiny”, our power-driven vessel of 46 feet, and after a small briefing on board, you will set to sea to enjoy this special experience!

There are generally two stops at two unique reefs and depending on how busy they are, the stops can change but rest assured there will always be much marine life to view. On your way to snorkel you will see the vibrant Caribbean coast line where you can view many houses, and resorts along the hillsides and if you are lucky, a pod of dolphins or whales.

After this exiting day in the sun you will return to the resort where you will be able to enjoy a delicious buffet lunch at Cariblue, a more informal grill at Clubhouse or at the Deli if you are feeling for a small healthy bite. There really is no better way to see the island than from a comfortable seat on-board Tiny.

We invite you to join us and set off into the blue.

For more information, or bookings please visit our Scuba Dive Centre or the Activities Office.

By: Diana Ancona – BodyHoliday Health Specialist

As the BodyHoliday’s Health Specialist, I can help you turn your experience into a fantastic one that is personalized to your health-related holiday goals. Feel free to visit me at the activities office where I will be able to assist you to make the most out of your BodyHoliday stay!

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