Esther Weissman`s Experience

esther, st. lucia resort experience“Although my last visit was 3 weeks after the hurricane, the effects to LeSport were undetectable. You did a great job cleaning up, making sure we had water, and conducting business as usual.

Nigel Theopolis was untiring as he attended to guest needs, facility concerns, and staff issues. He is calm, professional, pleasant, accessible, and visible. His leadership inspires confidence in both staff and guests. He is truly the backbone for repeaters repeating, and engaging new guests to repeat. For us, it’s the repeaters and our friendships that make The BodyHoliday.

The first people we interface with, concierge services, amaze me with their ability to stay calm, focused, and get us organized, especially when we arrive after long and tedious trips. Cathy excels in her ability to get details accomplished correctly and in getting the glitches ironed out. She manages to get us what we need and to where we need to go. She is efficient, warm, and caring.

She carries on for Vincent and he would be proud.Richard raised the level of meals a few notches – quality, taste, and presentation. He’s present during the meals making sure everything is as it should be and makes appropriate suggestions to people with special needs.

The staff at Cariblue, TAO and the Deli are warm, friendly, efficient and attentive. It’s like being home; I may start with 2 for lunch and if it turns into 6, they notice, are unruffled, and make it work!

Dawn has made sure that the activities are improved and challenging. Instructors of the classes often accommodate many levels of ability and all participants are able to be involved and have fun.

Gasper and his team managed the difficulties of the water due to the hurricane and were vigilant as to our safety.

Edwin made sure I remembered what he taught me, and why I play golf!

The shows are getting professional! I’m so proud of Edwin’s choreography and the expertise and energy of the performers.

The Oasis, from the scheduling, to the front desk, to the supervision on the floor, to the operators giving the treatments, are exceptional.

It’s one big family where everyone tries to make your visit a great one.

If I ask for something and the answer is no, I know it really can’t be done because I know everyone tried.

To all my friends who work and visit Le Sport, I wish you a Happy Healthy Holiday Season and New Year!

I have come home truly renewed.”

Esther Weissman

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