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Dance with professionals at BodyHoliday this June

Jive June - Dance with Professionals

June 2nd to June 30th 2019

It’s almost that time of year when everyone will be dusting off those dancing shoes and preparing for Jive June here at The Body Holiday.

We have a jam-packed month of activities with over 40 different dance styles to be learnt!! There are some brand new classes this year which include, Lindy Hop, Disco, Argentine tango, contemporary, Latin fit, Pussycat Dolls class and Motown dance just to name a few. See the programme.

There will be the return of theStrictly Come Dancing” / “Dancing with the Stars” Competition every Saturday night. This year the judge’s scores will be for guidance only as this year YOU the guests decide our Jive June champions!

The evenings are certainly hotting up here at Body Holiday’s clubhouse and we have some special themed nights to really get you into that party spirit.

Check availability here. and ask about special deals for June.

Everyone here at Body Holiday is looking forward to welcoming you for a dancetastic Jive June 2019!

Jive June at BodyHoliday 2019
Strictly on the Beach

Mila Lazar

Mila Lazar hosts Jive June 2019
June 16th - June 30th 2019

Jenifer Benavidez

Jennifer Benavidez at Body Holiday Jive June 2019
June 2nd - June 16th 2019

Jive June

Jive June at BodyHoliday St Lucia

Robin Windsor

Robin Windsor Strictly at Bodyholiday June 2019
June 2nd -June 30th 2019

Introducing our Pro Team

Robin Windsor, Mila Lazar & Jennifer Benevidez

Dancing is a brilliant way to get fit. It has purpose and skill and most of all during Jive June-fun. Dance with professionals: Robin, Jennifer and Mila, and learn how. For more details on this or any of our themed months click here

Grab the opportunity to get personalised instruction from the JiveJune master teachers. One-to-one lessons are available for individuals, couples, or up to four people at once. These lessons will suit your specific interests and needs. This ensures the most thorough and rapid learning process, all while keeping it fun, easy, and comfortable.

““I’ve been out every year to do classes during what it calls Jive June. I have an amazing opportunity to live and work in St Lucia What could be better than giving dance lessons on the beach? It’s probably one of the most wonderful places I’ve ever been in the world and I’ve been kind of everywhere. I’ve found my second home.””

Robin Windsor

Jive June Programme - Dancing with the Stars

The team will present forty daytime dance and dance-fitness classes during June including Zumba, Disco Aerobics, Street Dance, Foxtrot, Dance Step, Hip Hop, Aqua Dance, Jive, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Merengue, Latin Aerobics, and Cha Cha Cha. Loads of fun new ones too: Lindy Hop, Disco, Argentine tango, contemporary, Latin fit, Pussycat Dolls class and Motown dance….we can’t wait to find out what PussyCat Dolls entails!

Every week during June, the team organise themed dance evenings that are led by our guest presenters:

Latin night | Black and White Jazz night (black and white attire – optional) | 70’s Disco night (get those sequins out) | Rock ’n’ Roll night | Strictly Come Dancing night  | ( glamorous attire – optional) | Caribbean night | Rock and Pop night

Using the UK’s Strictly Come Dancing Format or USA’s Dancing with the Stars, the professionals will create an evening you won’t forget in a hurry when they stage with you our very own Dance competition.

If you’ve enjoyed the dance classes taught by our master instructors you’ll love our Strictly Dance Competition night. Choose to dance and compete for the grand prize or enjoy the spectacle in the audience. Either way, this is definitely a night not to miss.

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