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Wellness for Families at BodyHolidat St Lucia

WellFit Families

July 6th to September 1st 2019

Wellfit Families makes family wellness holidays a reality. This is an experience that motivates teenagers and their parents towards family bonding, through well-being and fitness.

This themed month combines a fusion of adventures, sports experiences and activities. Abseiling, bike rides along coastal trails, beach fit classes all combine to make some wonderful memories. Did we mention all the fun? Programme details

Our hosts are all professional sportsmen and women. They will be on hand to deliver motivation, engaging participants in beach sports, fitness classes and a wide range of activities. They host what we call “Champions Dinners” and give inspirational after dinner speeches.


Fitness holidays caribbean - water skiing
Family Fitness and Fun

Kyran Bracken

Where is st lucia located
July 6th - July 15th 2019

Zara Dampney

Best all inclusive resorts in st lucia
July 15th- July 21st 2019

Jamie Baulch

St lucia accommodation - robin windsor
July 21st to Aug 4th 2019

Donna Fraser

All inclusive resorts in caribbean - Scuba geader
Aug 18th - Sept 1st 2019

Family Wellness Holidays

This Year's Host Line Up

This summer we welcome back our good friend, Olympic Sprinter Jamie Baulch.

A special welcome to two BodyHoliday newcomers. Firstly, former England Rugby star, Kyran Bracken, part of the superb 2003 World Cup winning squad. TV fans in the UK will also remember Kyran’s victory in the “Dancing on Ice” celebrity contest.

Also in July, a warm welcome to yet another Team GB member, Zara Dampney. Zara represented Great Britain in the London 2012 Olympics in the Beach Volleyball team.

We welcome back also, Donna Fraser, a firm favourite and regular at BodyHoliday. Donna normally leads WellFit in April.  This year, however, she has moved to August to help with the Family Wellness Holidays.

Please click their pictures for a bio.

“This place really is something else. This July will be my 6th visit and I love it. Hope to see you this summer, but if your travel plans lean towards later in the year, then come in December. Both myself, along with Olympic hurdler, Colin Jackson will be here in December to present what BodyHoliday call’ Pre-Christmas Restorative Break’

Jamie Baulch

WellFit Families Programme - Family Wellness Holidays

In addition to the hosted programme, we offer some amazing family experiences.

Our WellFit Families Adventure Programme, offers you the opportunity to have an adventure together.  Added to which, you will take in the spectacular sights of St. Lucia.

BodyHoliday Sailing Club’s ‘Intro to Keel Boat Sailing’ is a complimentary 60 minute sailing experience.  it is designed to introduce you to the different aspects of sailing.

It includes hoisting the main sail, flying the jib and winching the sails. This is a great way to discover the fun and excitement of sailing.

If enough families get into this, we usually organise a mini regatta during each week.

The WellFit Family schedules vary from host to host, but every day they will offer a “BeachFit” session.

Then throughout each day a programme of fun activities is designed to involve the entire family. These will include: Water Volleyball, Lifeguard Training, Beach Football, Beach Touch Rugby, Beach Volleyball, Golf Challenge, Cooking with the Chef and Paddle Boarding to Smugglers Cove.

During each Wellfit Family week, we feature some supplemental activities which are available at an additional cost.

These include: Whale and Dolphin Watching, The Quadrathlon, Snorkelling trip to the Pitons and Abseiling from Pigeon Island Point.

Each week, our hosts will invite you to join them for a “Champions Dinner”. Pre dinner cocktails and drinks, followed by dinner at the Premium Clubhouse Grill and after dinner a motivational talk from our athletes.

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