Lifestyle Coaching

Among other energy releasing strategies, Toby will present a series of Lifestyle Coaching sessions. If you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life. Life Coaching helps us to look more deeply inside of ourselves to discover our true talents, passions and dreams and how we can achieve them.

Our minds and bodies are very much interconnected and therefore, a positive outlook on life is also vital to secure a sense of happiness and wellbeing. Lifestyle Coaching teaches us how to discover what our talents, dreams and ambitions are in life and how we can achieve them. In addition, it teaches us how to effectively deal with stress and our emotions through meditation and mindfulness.

The BodyHoliday is a holiday unlike any other. Since we first started we have always tried to create an experience that balances health, wellbeing and nutrition with relaxation and fun. Our belief has always been that your holiday is a genuine opportunity to recharge your batteries by making sure that your body is fighting fit.

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