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Views from Pent House at Body Holiday

Welcome TTG Travel Agents

The BodyHoliday offers a truly restorative vacation. Not merely a relaxing and refreshing getaway, but one designed to leave you feeling entirely renewed. The perfect client for BodyHoliday is that person who sees holiday time as a chance to engage in healthy pursuits, but without letting go of the notion that it’s their holiday and they are also going to unwind and have a few drinks. The clue is in the name “Holiday”. It isn’t a fat farm or a retreat but if you wish you can make some very healthy choices mixed with fun.

More than an island escape, the resort emphasizes a return to wellness — body and mind. The setting alone is enough to soothe the soul, with its 32 acres of tropical rainforest and miles of white sand beach nestled into its own private cove.  And that’s just the beginning. Just look at whats new right now .

In the summer when we also welcome teenage guests, look out for WellFit Families. This is a very popular and fun holiday concept for families with older kids.


 Current savings of up to 40% off for Easter and Summer travel from 1st April to 29th October 2018

Minimum 7-night stay