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Zalika Joseph from St Lucia
Reigning Female Martial Arts Champion, Our Own Zalika Joseph

At the end of May Zalika Joseph, a member of our housekeeping team, defended her title as current reigning female karate champion on island and one of the best martial arts competitors in all of the Caribbean.

Zalika was selected to represent Saint Lucia at the 10th Annual North American Federation of Martial Arts World Championship competing in mixed systems, kata, kumite and weapons.


Since she started training just four years ago, Zalika has competed regionally in Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Trinidad and internationally at the US Martial Arts Open. She says it is very difficult to reach an international level as it is very competitive however, with tough coaching and intense training Zalika has made waves in local and international competitions.

At this most recent Championship in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Zalika was seen as an underdog from the Caribbean but blew competitors out of the water placing 3rd in weapons, 2nd in kata and 1st place in kumite. Zalika notes that the competition was really tough but her rigorous training and the support of her coach and team helped her to stay on top.


Zalika attributes her success to physical and mental preparation. It is important to balance training with rest in order to avoid burning out as well as using visualization as a tool before competing to stay focused. Her biggest goal is to become the WFK World Champion.

In her spare time Zalika also teaches classes in martial arts and self-defense to children, women and security companies.


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