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Specialised Treatments

To add an extra experience to your stay, choose any treatments ranging from Ayurvedic to Holistic and Specialised Massages. No matter what your concerns are, our specialists are always here to help!

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Deep Tissue Massage

Using a combination of firm pressure and friction, the treatment is aimed at stimulating and releasing trigger points deep within the muscular structure. This is a highly invigorating treatment to alleviate chronic conditions.


Moving, stretching and massaging joints and muscles will increase your health and well being by making sure bones, ligaments and connective tissues function smoothly together.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

The ancient art of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi has been practiced for hundreds of years. Lomi Lomi is a loving touch using thumbs, hands, forearms and elbows to massage. Relaxes aching muscles, increases flexibility and improves the lymphatic circulation

Remedial Massage

For hundreds of years, touch has been the most potent method of healing. When the body needs to be revitalised, regenerated and repaired, the energy that flows from a practitioners hands can be used in a variety of ways to work holistically to treat the whole body.

Sports Massage, st. lucia spa resort

Sports Massage

Whether you are an athlete with stiff and cramped muscles or needing to increase mobility and fight off jet-lag, this session will leave you feeling energized and awakened.

Thai Massage

Originating from the time of Buddha, this treatment is designed to align the energies of the body and manipulate the skeletal structure, increasing flexibility and stimulating internal organs.

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