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An I-tal experience: Body Holiday
An I-tal experience

In November of 2017, BodyHoliday Saint Lucia took another deliberate step forward in the Health & Wellbeing arena. It came in the form of a new dining experience at our new restaurant I-tal, offering an opportunity for our guests to connect with nature, share a journey through our very own organic gardens, choose their own fresh herbs and vegetables, prepare and enjoy them for lunch and much MUCH more. We hoped that our guests would understand the concept and become endeared to the I-Tal approach to eating.

I-Tal food 600x300

What cannot go unsaid is the pure heart and soul that Damien and his dedicated team of agronomists pour into Bodyholiday’s organic gardens each and every day, assuring that it is ready to welcome every guest and satisfy each pallet.

How happy we were to share this new dining experience and receive such a glowing response from one of our valued visitors in January 2018;

“If I could restart the world, it would begin with a concept such as ITAL.
In our increasingly toxic world, it was so refreshing to fall upon this tranquil Oasis: a stunning location in the hills of St. Lucia.
Oozing serenity and calm,  I-tal,  offers a pureness and vitality in its production and understanding of food.
Our planet as we know it is becoming unsustainable. We have no choice but to rethink and implement new methods.
Imagine producing, harvesting, preparing and tasting our food without causing harm and distress to our animals and our environment.  I-tal,  does that.
 I-tal,  offers a unique experience: guests are able to choose and harvest their own produce, understand crop rotation, pest control, pairing plants that complement each other and learn about the health benefits of each vegetable, herb, fruit. The produce selected is then prepared in the delightful kitchen designed and built locally. Even the lavatories are compostable!
The dining experience is based on family dining, around one large table.
Damien and his team join together to deliver a truly exquisite meal full of colour, taste and purity.
What I-tal conveys is respect, compassion, passion and love for food and family. Perhaps if we all try to follow the principles of I-tal there is hope for a  more sustainable and happier future for our planet and its living creatures.”
Elizabeth Woodhead, January 2018.

I-tal kitchenIt is our hope that we can welcome persons from near and far to share our I-tal experience. One thing is almost certain, it will be very difficult to find a similar intimacy with nature that is on offer at BodyHoliday.

For more information on our I-Tal experience please click here.

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