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Views from Pent House at Body Holiday
Beating the Blues with Sun, Sea, Surf and …..Tea

By Nutritionist and Fatigue Expert Lucy Wyndham

St Lucia, apart from being known as the jewel in the Crown of the Caribbean, is world-famous for the way it blends a mix of mountains, beaches and magical sunsets in such a way that creates a feeling of timelessness and total serenity. No surprise then, that it is one of the most sought after locations for people from all over the world who seek some rest and relief from the pressures and stresses of modern day inner-city living.

The World Travel Awards have designated St Lucia  as the world’s leading honeymoon destination an amazing eight times in recent years. Whilst you don’t have to be on honeymoon to go there, the awards show how special it is. Being an island, it is both remote yet self-contained, has land so beautiful it has UNESCO World Heritage Status, and has a history and culture unsurpassed by few other places.

Saint Lucia 400 x 400

Self Care

People often need to be reminded to look after themselves first before they can look after other people. Many people caught up in the rough and tumble of day-to-day life often forget this, and carry on with their life, almost forcing their way through it some of the time. There’s normally a moment when someone realizes that they just need a break. In some way, their body will simply say to them, stop!

Studies show that more than half the world’s population currently live in urban areas and there is growing evidence that living in a big city is a major factor in rising levels of stress-related conditions. Day-to-day pressures and life can build up, and people will just sense that they have a very basic need, to get away, and spend time in a place, doing things that really nourish them, and give them a sense of being able to renew themselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Many people are acutely aware of how the stress and pressure of inner-city living is affecting their lives, and are increasingly turning to traditional healing methods to combat fatigue and ways of reducing stress especially Yoga and Meditation.

Yin or Yang

The real secret to any real break lies in staying somewhere that understands the needs of people, and can provide a range of holistic treatments that people can try, and see what sort of rest and relaxation activities best suit them. Anyone in need of a break might simply need a really comfortable room, with stunningly beautiful views of a tropical rain forest, where they can simply spend some time watching the world go by. Other people will want to try different activities that are energetic and challenging, like scuba-diving, or fairy-landyoga. BodyHoliday is one of the most prestigious resorts on the island, and offers a whole range of sporting activities such as fencing, cycling, golf, archery, tennis, kayaking and windsurfing. It can be great to have a huge range of different types of activities, as well as more subtle forms of helping the body in a restorative way, such as aromatherapy, massage etc. There should also be opportunities to learn how to meditate, and practice relaxation techniques. The bigger the range of activities, and the more glorious the setting, the easier it is for people to settle in and really feel that they are experiencing a proper break.

Rest Here a While ….

People often associate fatigue with stress and burnout, or with really intense jobs and hyper active people. This can obviously be true, but a lot of people in need of a real break are simply those who reach a point where the body senses in some way that it just needs to slow down and physically be somewhere else doing something different. It does not have to be anything major, normally just an awareness that there is some level of day-to-day pressure relief needed is enough to trigger that sense of escape. If they are lucky enough they will end up on this glorious Caribbean island, looking out over a stunning ocean sunset, drinking either a cup of peppermint tea, or a large gin and tonic.

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