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BodyScienceDestressUses scientific lab tests to discover your bodys stress status at a physiological level. This valuable information has the power to protect you from the development of chronic disease. Based on the results, BodyScience provides a unique nutrition and lifestyle plan to help the body handle stress and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

FitnessIncludes appropriate and reliable lab tests, which can give an insight into how your body is genetically pre-disposed to certain exercise regimes. It highlights any nutritional or functional deficiencies, so that you can address them, fuel your body appropriately and get the most out of your training. It is also possible from the tests to discover how the body recovers and repairs after training. The results can be further improved with the correct nutrients.

BodyScienceWeight ManagementUses scientific laboratory tests to evaluate hormones, genetic predisposition to weight gain, inflammation and food sensitivities all of which are important considerations when striving for optimal weight loss and maintenance. Based on laboratory test results, you receive your own personalised dietary and exercise plan, which addresses any biochemical imbalances and subsequently influences how you achieve and maintain your healthy weight.

BodyScienceHealthy AgeingIdentifies where your body needs extra support to slow down the ageing process, and to function optimally. Laboratory tests are essential in providing this information The results form the basis of a detailed bespoke health plan that is designed to restore more youthful function and support your body in ageing gracefully providing vitality whilst also looking great.

Digestive HealthCan you imagine having a stomach with no pain, no discomfort, no gas or distension? And a flat stomach that doesnt impact your choice of clothing or your participation in social activities? The Digestive Health programme investigates the cause of your symptoms and discomfort by using state of the art laboratory tests. Based on the results, you will be provided with a personal nutrition and lifestyle plan with the aim of restoring digestive health and comfort.

BodyScienceDetoxUses scientific lab tests to discover your bodys detoxification status. Based on the results, you will be provided with a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan to help you optimise your detoxification. In order to get the best results from the BodyScience Detoxification programme and to avoid withdrawal symptoms, it is advisable to cut out caffeine, sugar and alcohol at least three days prior to arriving at The BodyHoliday.

What does a Programme Include ?


In BodyScience you will be able to enrol in a programme at a moments notice. The BodyScience Clinic is furnished with equipment that study Iridology, Heart function, analysis of oxygen uptake, 3D visualisation of internal organs, body composition & vascular age.

  • A personal consultation with the BodyScience Doctor
  • Analysis of your personal health questionnaire
  • Access to all BodyScience Testing equipment with relevant tests carried out and subsequent analysis and reporting.
  • Daily menus designed and prepared individually by the Ayurvedic Chef. Each programme includes between three and seven specially chosen spa and wellness treatments tailored to your programme.
  • Daily personalised fitness schedule guided by BodySciences health and fitness specialists
  • A 45 minute one-to-one consultation with BodySciences specialist medical consultant.
  • Follow up consultation and lifestyle planning prior to departure.

What is BodyScience Plus +

BodyScience Plus

Includes all of the features of BodyScience with the addition of laboratory tests including DNA sampling which are carried out by our partner in Europe and a consultation with a leading Harley Street specialist. The questionnaire will need to be completed online at least 8 weeks prior to arrival & BodyScience Test kits will sent to your home, containing the tests pertinent to your programme. A full report and analysis of tests by our lab partners is followed by further consultation and programme design prior to arrival in St. Lucia. Finally after all the results and analysis are gathered, a Skype interview is arranged at the resort with our Harley Street specialist for further lifestyle counselling.

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