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Diana Moran at Body Holiday
Diana Moran…A Reflection

As seen in Huffington Post 2015

Having just returned from the beautiful island of St Lucia I have been in reflective mood, remembering when in 1996 following divorce and the subsequent trauma of moving house, (not sure which was the most stressful), I responded to a magazine article seducing me with promises of Caribbean sunshine and relaxation.  A few weeks later arriving for my first visit to St Lucia and eventually settling into the delightful resort of Le Sport, I felt I’d surely arrived in Paradise!

Being high profile in the UK at the time, in my guise as TV fitness guru “The Green Goddess” I was soon “spotted” by some of the guests and a report went to management!  Subsequently, I was approached by management for a chat, including my view on exercise classes and facilities offered by the resort, plus an enquiry as to the possibility of my involvement with the development of the resorts fitness and exercise programme.   At this meeting the idea of “Masterclasses” was hatched and I was delighted to be invited to return to Le Sport a month later, but this time with my professional hat on!

Encouraged by management, I attended all fitness classes run at the resort and activities such as bike rides and walks, all of which at that time were facilitated by enthusiastic young local teachers.  From my initial perception of the classes, content and teaching methods I became involved with helping to train members of the delightful Fitness Team – named Bodyguards.  I encouraged them in the hope that would be motivated them to gain further professional knowledge, which I knew was necessary to teach the experienced, sophisticated visitors who already attended regulated exercise classes back home in their health clubs around the world.   Subsequently many of these inexperienced Bodyguards encouraged by management travelled off to centres of excellence in both the US and UK, and  also received training by visiting “Masters” over the next few years, gaining the necessary qualifications to teach  both safely and effectively.

Over many happy years of my visiting and teaching both guests and Bodyguards at Le Sport I saw the need for innovative cutting edge classes conducted by qualified and skilled teachers to create a top class Wellness Centre which would attract people from all over the world.  A well-rounded activities programme was set up to include fitness classes using the latest methods and equipment, along with basics like yoga, meditation and other daily fitness options, such as Pilates, cardio classes and Tia Chi.  Alternative healing therapies were new, but spas throughout the world are creative and now people understand the inherent benefits these alternatives can provide to the body, mind and spirit.  At Le Sport visiting professional athletes and fitness freaks can also enjoy the many fitness activities, along with physical pampering in the Oasis spa, and all experience great relief in easing muscle tensions and cramps through treatment from trained therapists who relax every part of their body through deep tissue massages.

Living in stressful times make us want to escape into another world every so often, and to shut ourselves off from external stimulation.  There is an urgent need to “get away” especially from the urban scenario, but in an ideal world we want to escape not to a place where you are starved and need to stay alone, concerned only with achieving goals with total disregard to ones surroundings.    No.. What most of us require is a destination focusing on personal attention, a myriad of activities, luxury amenities that embrace fitness, sensible eating and holistic achievement whilst surrounded by the abundant beauty and people of the Caribbean.

Today I see Le Sport offers all of this, but has retained its reputation as a fun filled resort where health and fitness get top billing along with excellent food and all the attributes of a great beach vacation at the same time.  Today it’s a luxury retreat, serious about transformation – from diet to exercise, to spirituality and life coaching, plus the indulgence of body contouring services at the Oasis spa helping you keep the pounds off and body in good shape!   It’s become centre of well being without being a fat farm or a Canyon Ranch.

Since those early days and my first spontaneous visit to Le Sport I have returned many, many times, observing with delight the ever changing and exciting fitness programme, thanks to its eclectic cast of in-house professionals and experts.   The fitness team is now second to none with well trained, qualified, enthusiastic, caring and fun loving instructors encouraging holiday guests to combine their spa breaks with activities such as golf, tennis, water sports – and even for some dare devils Triathlon events, which include climbing the Pitons!  , I prefer my workouts down to earth followed by a wallow in the pampering Oasis spa full of delights, or relaxing in the resorts bars, the restaurant facilities or browsing the delightful shops.  Today, nearly 20 years on The Body Holiday has grown up, and is a place to indulge in some much-needed ‘me’ time, to take the opportunity to switch off, relax, recharge, reflect, detox and beautify.  I delighted to recognise that Le Sport has grown into the most desirable of health resorts, consistently voted amongst the world’s top destination spas, and with good reason!

And yes for the record…. at 75 years of age and with a lifetime spent in the Fitness Industry I do still work out regularly… and I do still make Fitness DVD’s!  My recent DVD “EASYFIT” is aimed for people who were not born yesterday and consists of simple exercises specially designed for a market that’s largely neglected by the fitness industry, those later in life; that haven’t exercised in a while or just can’t do the type of exercise they used to.   I’ve adressed that gap with a range of exercises to encourage the less active to participant from the comfort of their living room, or for the less able to even sitting in a chair. Exercises include a mixture of warm-up and stretch, muscular strength and cardio movements. Stability drills help strengthen the limbs whilst promoting flexibility, and light aerobic work helps with cardio capacity and circulation. What’s more I have included my newly developed facial exercises, a fitness programme designed to work the muscles of the face, to enhance skin elasticity, to release stress and to promote a more youthful looking appearance.

EASYFIT with Diana Moran ensures whatever your age or level of fitness; you can ease into fitness simply and successfully. I personally selected my students to demonstrate how easily the fitness programme can be implemented into the daily routine of everyone of any age. They include Vi Petty (83), Wendy Clouse (65) and Johnny Trehern (45).

EASYFIT with Diana Moran is available from Amazon

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