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Luxury st lucia wellness resort

Who would benefit from BodyScience?

Anyone who has an interest in optimum health and in the concept of getting older better. Getting older without so many aches and pains and without many of the maladies that afflict us as we age. General fitness, weight management, heart health, digestive health and reducing stress all lead to optimum health.

Why the fusion of Ayurvedic and Modern Science?

Western Science has provided us with technology that can analyse body condition and function and diagnose, with some accuracy any inherent health issues. We also believe in the ancient and proven ability of Eastern practices and in particular that of Ayurveda, to both treat and prevent illness.

BodyScience and Body Science Plus - What's the difference?

BodyScience currently offers six programmes: Fitness, Weight Management, Digestive Health, Healthy Ageing, De-Stress and De -Tox. Delivered in house, these programmes include a set of tests available in the on-site clinic. A programme of diet, exercise and Ayuvedic treatments is then prescribed.

BodyScience+ requires a booking approximate 8 weeks prior to arrival, since it includes much more detailed tests, including DNA analysis, which are handled by our laboratory partners.

BodyScience+ also includes a consultation with a Harley Street ( London) Doctor – a specialist in functional medicine.

What if I decide I'd like to have an "a la carte" approach?

Whilst staying at the BodyHoliday, you can at any time have a consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor who will explain both the function and benefits of the different pieces of equipment and tests. These can be taken as a package or individually and a bespoke package of treatments discussed and arranged.


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