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How effective are you at communicating? Did you know that consciously or unconsciously our bodies are communicating our thoughts and emotions even though at times we have no idea we are doing anything at all? Horses are masters at picking up on this language.

Through simple communication tasks with the horse you will learn how clear and effective you really are. Learn how to live in the moment and stop letting fear and self doubt cloud your ability to find your true inner voice and confidence.


Equine Reflection is a two hour experience priced at $90.00 (Including taxes) and for practical reasons there has to be at least two persons taking part in any one session.

Book Equine Expression as well and save $30.

What the price includes ?

★    Transportation to and from the BodyHoliday

★    Refreshments onsite – provided by Rainbows End Natural Horsemanship

★    Two Hour sessions led by Sandie Bryant with all equipment provided

DRESS: We advise you to wear closed toe shoes and long pants.

CALL +1 758 457 7825 TO BOOK or simply go to your web-room or complete the booking form.