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BodyScience Programmes in St Lucia
Optimal health through BodyScience

Changing people’s lives, one person at a time

Knowing the condition of your health early gives you time to take action. And that is exactly what we help you with at the BodyScience Clinic at BodyHoliday, where you will get back your optimal health.

A008_C026_0114QWOur main goal is to improve the state of your health and lead you to your optimal well-being through a series of combination of western and eastern technology and knowledge where our Ayurvedic Doctor, Dr. Maha assesses your body’s blood, composition, minerals and metals, stress, inflammation, heart, vascular age, and your body’s mirror (iridology) to recommend the best treatments to improve your health as well to prevent illness.

The below is a testimonial written by a guest after her experience at our BodyScience clinic.

“I had been suffering from leaky gut and had food sensitivities to 35 foods for the last 1-½ years. I had completed several top leaky gut programs that were 30 days long with some improvement only to have the symptoms return. I spoke to Dr. Maha on the phone, and he said to come in for a free consultation and to bring all my lab work. I filled out his questionnaire and met with him, and he said that I was not addressing the cause of the problem and that is why symptoms were returning.  He immediately was able to diagnose what needed to be done to heal my problem. He reviewed all my labs and was able to verify everything he said.  I had an immediate connection to him that he understood my body and its needs, and I trusted his judgment and plan of action.
A008_C052_01143HHe customized a plan of several treatments and gave me a specific list of foods to eat. I had always eaten a healthy diet, but he explained this was the wrong diet for my body type or dosha. I followed his plan, and within one week I felt the inflammation lift from my body and had a sense of clarity and increased energy. People that I saw every day started to comment on how calm and how happy I was, and my skin was glowing and radiant. I had a pivotal moment and realized that I had had gut problems all my life and did not even know it since that is all I ever experienced until I had this new life-altering experience and clarity.
I am deeply grateful to Dr. Maha for his knowledge and experience and ability to diagnose and treat my problem after failed success with previous programs.”

Our Ayurvedic Doctor can help you get a physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. For more information on how to book your optimal health consultation, please call +1 758-457-7848 or +1 758-457-7852 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

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