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In the month of July we welcome Christine Caruso who brings a wealth of spritual knowledge and healing to BodyHoliday. These are her classes and courses you might like to try.



Tuesday morning 7-8am in fitness studio

Wednesday morning 8-9am fitness studio

Find yourself in the Sacred. Restore your health. Improve your flexibility.

Thrive as a powerful individual.

This ancient practice is called the Yoga of Awareness. Through pranayams, asanas, mantras and mudras, you shine the diamond within yourself. And set your pace for excellence and radiance. 

In this laser-pointed practice, you refine your subtle realms and ten bodies. Practicing with others helps you stay elevated.

In Kundalini Yoga, we practice a Kriya, which is a series of postures, breath and sound that work towards a specific outcome.  There are thousands to choose from. In class you work through a specific Kriya, one dedicated to elevate functions in the physical bodies and surrounding bodies.


60 minute session ~ $150 US

Getting your Bars® run is a simple brilliant tool to Create Possibilities.

During an hour session, 32 points on the head are lightly touched, going beyond the cognitive mind and creating room for lasting change, with ease.

These 32 bars store electromagnetic components of thoughts, ideas, decisions, and beliefs that you have had.  Touching these Bars facilitates the body to balance and heal, unlocking preconceived points of view. 

This creates a space for Limitlessness, for capacities in yourself that you might not have acknowledged or even known, to show up.

Christine facilitates Processes, asking questions that underly limitations and core patterns, getting to the heart of the matter quickly and with great ease.  This Access Consciousness® tool is easy to use and learn.


75 minutes – $250

All of Nature wants to Communicate with us.  Taking time in this sacred one-on-one encounter with the Stones is an opportunity to Listen. and Be Heard.

The Stone People are the oldest creatures on the Planet, holding wisdom for each of Us, with tenderness and pure compassion.

In a Stone Reading, You and Christine sit before the mesa (an altar Space of Stones) and enter meditation. Christine will move the stones, as guided, and listen to their messages. Together you will observe how the stones fall together when thrown, seeing the relationships and the messages held in them.

Stone Readings can be done in person or over the phone.  These are not just sessions of information.  They are kinetic experiences that change energy.

Christine was not taught this technique.  It was a Language she uncovered.  Years later she learned this Communication is a 10,000 year old tradition from the Q’ero people in the Highlands of Peru, a place she has never been.

Christine is honored to be a Stone Carrier and to share the Sweet Wisdom of the Ancients with You.


There are thousands of meditations to choose from in this rich tradition.  Whether the practitioner spends 3 minutes or 108 minutes daily, great change can be created. A daily meditation practice can change you from the inside out. 

Once your appointment is scheduled, Christine will meditate to discern a meditation tuned into your needs. In your session, Christine will instruct you on the practice, and meditate with you. Choose a 3 session series to receive a specific Kriya and Meditation,

Private Medical Meditation Instruction and Designation:  60 minutes $150

3 Session Series for Kriya and Meditation:  3 sessions $425


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