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Sun Salutation at The BodyHoliday


Psychologist and psychotherapist Philip Carr-Gomm offers group and individual sessions in Sophrology – a mind/body technique that helps you achieve optimum wellness by calming and at the same time energising you. Using a range of simple exercises that include mindfulness, breathing and visualisation, Sophrology is a self-development training designed to make you feel and function better, but it can also be used to alleviate specific problems, such as anxiety, stress and burn-out, sleep difficulties and phobias. The method, developed by the neuro-psychiatrist Prof Alfonso Caycedo, has been used extensively in Europe for over fifty years. Recent discoveries in neuro-science have been incorporated into its practice, and Sophrology offers a great way for you to easily gain a feeling of optimal well-being, to feel less stressed and anxious, and sleep more soundly.

From 21st to 28th March 2017 you’ll be able to join group sessions in Sophrology with a focus on Sleeping Better and Relieving Stress & Anxiety. The sessions last 40 minutes, and in addition you can book individual sessions with Philip on these days.

1 hour Sophrology Session – $150