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Top Reasons to Visit an Osteopath

If you are one of our special returners to BodyHoliday, you already know that BodyHoliday Saint Lucia is the perfect spot to help you relax, rejuvenate and unwind. In this post, we will share with you the top reasons to visit an Osteopath while at BodyHoliday. If you have never been to our shores and are new to our offering, we are delighted to say that you are a step closer to discovering the ultimate getaway for body and mind, and invite you to fall in love with our unique concept, and become one of our valuable guests that return year after year!

The magic, and one of the many reasons why BodyHoliday continues to be one of the leading hotels and spa destinations in the world, especially when it comes to health and wellness, is because of the wide range of specialized treatments that are performed by highly professional wellness practitioners from around the world.

With the stress of our jobs, life, and the demands that we place on our body and mind on a daily basis, you might be one of the people who can benefit the most by visiting one of our osteopaths (or both) at BodyHoliday. Keep reading this post to take a look at the top reasons to visit an osteopath while you come on vacation at BodyHoliday.

Osteopath chart and reasons to visit them at BodyHoliday.

How visiting an osteopath at BodyHoliday will benefit your health

  1. Battle stiffness: One of the top reasons to visit an osteopath is that they can help you to reduce stiffness in your body by the therapies that our in-house osteopaths perform. They will help you to increase flexibility and feel lighter and active again, increasing your body’s movements and releasing all tension from within.
  1. Get rid of pain: We are working more, with longer hours, and resting less. The result is a sedentary lifestyle that can find you sitting down for longer periods of time, and not get much exercise done. Your body adapts to this lifestyle and this is one of the reasons why you would benefit from visiting an osteopath at BodyHoliday. Gregoire and Laure Anne can work their magic on you through the use of a four-handed series of stretches along with a full body articulation routine to better oxygenate all of your tissues and re-align your body.
  1. Say goodbye to stress: Stress affects us emotionally, mentally, and physically and sometimes we need that boost of positivity and peace of mind to find emotional stability. Gregoire and Laure Anne have powerful therapies that focus on stimulating the parasympathetic system, which leads to a releasing of stress and tensions from the mind and body.

Top Reasons to Visit an Osteopath at BodyHoliday

At BodyHoliday we are lucky to have two osteopaths with completely different backgrounds, experience, and approaches to osteopathy. The combination of their two approaches will provide you with a perfectly balanced and restorative vacation that will leave you to feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to face the new challenges of your daily life with renewed vigor.

Meet Gregoire and Laure Anne

Healthy smiles overlooking the Caribbean ocean. Gregoire is one of the osteopathic practitioners at BodyHoliday and his approach is more holistic as his goal in each one of his therapies is to help his patients feel empowered and deeply reconnected to the Self. He specializes in craniosacral therapy and harmonic techniques. His treatments include a full body treatment or full osteopathy check-up, a low back treatment, a neck and shoulder pain treatment, a stress relief treatment (physical and emotional), gentle yoga, and mindful meditation.

Laure Anne is our other fantastic osteopathic practitioner at BodyHoliday with a structural and postural approach. She has specialized in sport’s osteopathy which helps her guide her patients through each step of sport’s development and training. If you come on vacation feeling stressed, having headaches or sleeping disorders, she is a great person to visit. One of the most rewarding aspects of her practice is to help others and witness immediate results!

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