Introduction to our digital wellness programme and top tips for isolation from Andrew Barnard 

Whilst our resorts are temporarily closed in the global effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19, were happy to announce that well still be here to guide you through these uncertain times, online. Let us help you navigate this new normal, with online tips and insights from our wellness experts on how to keep a clear mind and live a healthy lifestyle from home. 

Here at BodyHoliday, Saint Lucia we have access to the worlds leading practitioners and wellness experts, on hand during this crisis to give our valued guests all of the nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and self care advice you need. Were very excited to launch our weekly videos and blogs to provide inspiration and advice for maintaining overall wellbeing during isolation and will combine this with tips and tricks to incorporate into your daily routine. 

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Top Tips from Andrew Barnard 

Wellness Guru and Managing Deputy Director at BodyHoliday, Andrew Barnard, shares his top tips for promoting mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing during isolation. Its understandable that isolation may have a negative effect on us emotionally and spiritually, so wed like to offer some ideas of how to ease the burden over this period. 

  • Get moving  Incorporating an at-home workout or a walk/run into your daily routine improves not only your physical wellbeing, but also has enormous benefits to mental and spiritual wellbeing. Whether its connecting with your body and breathing through yoga or raising the heartrate with a dance tutorial, exercise will help to relieve tension and stress. It also boosts physical and mental energy and enhances overall wellbeing through the release of endorphins. Personally, love to start my day with some yoga and stretching before taking my children out for a walk; its important to get out of the house for some exercise once a day, if we can
  • Prioritise personal connections and conversations – Lets not forget to pick up the phone and check in with friends. Its a time to nurture the emotional connections in our lives; its these things that will help us get through this period of uncertainty and change. Be aware of the amount of time spent scrolling on social mediaused correctly, its a wonderful tool, but it can sometimes be a toxic environment of fake news and stories. This can adversely affect our mental wellbeing. Use it wisely: arrange a regular group video call via Zoom or WhatsApp with friends and family, and help each other through this difficult time
  • Practise gratitude  We should remind ourselves to be grateful for our health and wellbeing as well as the love around us of friends and family. We shouldnlose sight of the fact there is an end to this current periodwe have an opportunity to emerge from this stronger and more resilient than ever. Why not start a journal and write down three things each morning that you are grateful for; whether its the sunshine streaming through the window, a video call with a friend or simply gratitude for the good health of your family. Focusing on these positives, no matter how big or small, will help us through these difficult times
  • Optimise your nutrition  Now that we are restricted to home cooking and eating inits easy to fall into the habit of eating the same meals in lieu of variety and a balanced dietSee this time at home as an opportunity to focus on optimising our nutrition to ensure that we eat foods that not only support a healthy diet but can also aid our personal fitness goals and even increase serotonin (happiness hormone) levels. Our very own Chef Allan will be sharing some of his helpful nutritional advice and tips that we can all use to help maintain a balanced diet during this period 
  • Practise Mindfulness  Meditation and breathwork are two brilliant practises for increased mindfulness. Throughout this digital programme, we will be offering guided sessions with some of our wellness experts, designed to help you connect with your mind on a deeper, spiritual level